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Makeover Of The Existing Apps With iOS7

With the introduction of the new update from Apple it has changed the look of the various apps on your phone. Apple has given a makeover to the existing apps. For example now kindle lets you to organize your books and magazines from your collection and Facebook lets you to return to the news feed when you are done with reading a story.

iOS 6 | iOS 7

Here is a list of the biggest and brightest apps that have been changed with the new update: 

1   1.      Facebook:  Before the update, the menu bar for checking the notifications on your Facebook account used to be on the top of the screen but after this new update the menu has shifted to the bottom of the screen making it easy to get around. This will make it easy for you to switch quickly from the news feed to the messages, friend requests or notifications. You just have to tap the bottom of the screen. You will see a new “More” tab on the right side in the bottom so that you can see your groups, events, timeline etc.
     2.       Twitter:      With the new update in iOS Twitter apps has also been given a cosmetic update. The Twitter has integrated its music services with the Apple services so that you can discover your music on Twitter through ”#music station on iTunes Radio.”

Siri will help you to find the tweets and the people you are interested in very easily with this new change in the application.

In Safari, you can use the shared links to enjoy the links that have been posted by the people you are following on Twitter.

 Other integration of iOS 7 and Twitter:
  •  Signing to twitter with the help of setting apps
  •  Sharing photos, web pages on Twitter directly from the inbuilt apps offered by iPhone like  Safari, Photos and other apps.
  •  Updating your contacts with the username of the people you are connected with.

 3.       Kindle: With the new update in the operating system of the Google, Amazon has also redesigned its popular app by adding the collections to help users organize their magazines, documents and books. You can add content to the multiple categories.
      4.       New York Times:  With the introduction of a new feature i.e. AirDrop, you can share your articles very easily. The person who reads their newspapers only on their iPad or the iPhones iOS7 has provided them with the settings that now they can set their device’s text size in the setting app and then NYTimes app’s text size will change according to the requirement.
5.       Zillow: This application has now made it very easy to search the homes. It is like reading a magazine. This is a new shopping experience based on photos that allows the home shoppers to go through the photos without leaving the map.

      6.       Flipboard:  This application now supports the parallax look the full-screen magazine covers. So as you tilt your iPhone or iPad you will see a complete image. This release has given Flipboard a very clean and contemporary feel that gets connected to the iOS7 more deeply. This will also allow you to improve the overall speed of Flipboard by using the functionality of iOS7 to load the content in the background and conducting the reader notifications. 
      7.       eBay:  The new look of eBay is very flat to match with the new look of iOS7. For sellers the uploading time for listing the items to be sold has been reduced. The new look is also helpful for the users as they can remove single items from the recent search history. Now you can purchase and sell items, you can compare the prices and can access the powerful search tool and so much more just in a single click.
8.   Pandora:  This is the popular Internet radio service that is now competing with the apple’s own tune radio which is new to iOS7. Like all other apps Pandora also gets the new look and the feel and you can just swipe and can explore without interrupting the music.

You have to upgrade all your iPhone apps before you install iOS7 as there would be chances that you would lose your precious data, especially when you are dealing with kindle. iOS7 has changed the look and the feel of almost every app from iOS6. With iOS7 everything is new and everything is interesting. For all this you can seek help from a reliable and intelligent iOS app developer.