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How to Achieve Apple Watch Compatibility for iPhone Apps?

The Apple watch has brought with it a new trend of inclination towards wearable devices. Apple predicts that it shall be able to sell at least 20 million units of the Apple watch this year. Almost 3000 apps specially designed for the Apple watch are already available. But what about those apps which were created before the Apple watch came into existence? Apps which are stand alones for the Apple watch are not practical, as they are mere extensions of the iPhone apps which we have used for years.
Now the question lies, how do you proceed? Well, the solution is not as difficult as it might seem to you. All you have to do is to visit Apple’s website and see the section of “watchKit apps”, and you shall be well versed with the basic techniques in no time. After all Apple always has been a good teacher, you will get step by step instructions on optimizing WatchKit apps. Here are a few highlights you might be interested in.

Apple Watch Compatibilty

  1. Synchronize your iPhone with the Apple watch
    First things you will need are an iPhone 5 or higher and iOS version 8.2 or higher. Thirdly you require a WatchKit app to run the Apple watch and the WatchKit extension to run the user’s iPhone. The WatchKit app is an essential basic as it is Apple’s platform for developing the Apple watch. It contains a storyboard and resource files which are required to manage the app user interface. The WatchKit extension provides a link between the iPhone and the Apple watch.
    The coolest thing about the Apple watch is its user interaction, as the app opens from the home screen itself and displays the complete interface of the app along with its multiple content screens.

  2. Optimize and upgrade your WatchKit
    You will have to update the Xcode and the iOS SDK. That is, Xcode to version 6.2 which also contains iOS 8.3 SDK with WatchKit. The Apple website provides detailed information on designing the WatchKit app, including the guidelines of the Apple watch’s human interface.

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  4. Apple’s design guidelines and templates
    Apple’s website is a great source of design resources for creating the WatchKit app, notifications and glance. It has a large collection of templates for interfaces, notification, glances and home screen icons. Some other features like specifications on control sizing, layout, icon style guide and text sizes.

  5. Update app name and description
    Always remember to keep the name and description of your iPhone app and the WatchKit app the same. If your iPhone app includes a WatchKit app, notification or a glance, then you should update the info in the description and the "what’s new" section.

  6. Updating app store meta data
    Always ensure that the Meta data includes the functionality of the Apple watch.

  7. Creating icons that are similar
    The icons of your WatchKit should look similar to the iOS app icons, as it will make it easier for users the relevant connection.

  8. Maximum screenshots
    You should upload the maximum screenshots (at least 5) of your WatchKit app and the iPhone app. Always remember that Apple is highly quality conscious, so keep the resolution of the WatchKit app to at least 312x390 pixels. Apple wants, that you should utilize the entire space available for screenshots. But do keep in mind that you have to keep both category screenshots separately.

  9. App preview
    The app preview should have a video of your iPhone app and it should also be confined to your app. It would be wrong to show a WatchKitt app in the preview.

  10. Sharing keywords
    The keywords that you exchange between your iPhone app and the WatchKit app should not exceed more than 100 characters. You must make the most out of what is available to you. So try avoiding common words such as watch, app, Apple watch etc.

  11. The final app
    These are important instructions before you actually submit your app. Your app should comply with all the app review guidelines, including the build number and the version. They should be consistent all the way through.