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How to Achieve Apple Watch Compatibility for iPhone Apps?

The Apple watch has brought with it a new trend of inclination towards wearable devices. Apple predicts that it shall be able to sell at least 20 million units of the Apple watch this year. Almost 3000 apps specially designed for the Apple watch are already available. But what about those apps which were created before the Apple watch came into existence? Apps which are stand alones for the Apple watch are not practical, as they are mere extensions of the iPhone apps which we have used for years.
Now the question lies, how do you proceed? Well, the solution is not as difficult as it might seem to you. All you have to do is to visit Apple’s website and see the section of “watchKit apps”, and you shall be well versed with the basic techniques in no time. After all Apple always has been a good teacher, you will get step by step instructions on optimizing WatchKit apps. Here are a few highlights you might be interested in.

Apple Watch Compatibilty

  1. Synchronize your iPhone with the Apple watch
    First things you will need are an iPhone 5 or higher and iOS version 8.2 or higher. Thirdly you require a WatchKit app to run the Apple watch and the WatchKit extension to run the user’s iPhone. The WatchKit app is an essential basic as it is Apple’s platform for developing the Apple watch. It contains a storyboard and resource files which are required to manage the app user interface. The WatchKit extension provides a link between the iPhone and the Apple watch.
    The coolest thing about the Apple watch is its user interaction, as the app opens from the home screen itself and displays the complete interface of the app along with its multiple content screens.

  2. Optimize and upgrade your WatchKit
    You will have to update the Xcode and the iOS SDK. That is, Xcode to version 6.2 which also contains iOS 8.3 SDK with WatchKit. The Apple website provides detailed information on designing the WatchKit app, including the guidelines of the Apple watch’s human interface.

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  4. Apple’s design guidelines and templates
    Apple’s website is a great source of design resources for creating the WatchKit app, notifications and glance. It has a large collection of templates for interfaces, notification, glances and home screen icons. Some other features like specifications on control sizing, layout, icon style guide and text sizes.

  5. Update app name and description
    Always remember to keep the name and description of your iPhone app and the WatchKit app the same. If your iPhone app includes a WatchKit app, notification or a glance, then you should update the info in the description and the "what’s new" section.

  6. Updating app store meta data
    Always ensure that the Meta data includes the functionality of the Apple watch.

  7. Creating icons that are similar
    The icons of your WatchKit should look similar to the iOS app icons, as it will make it easier for users the relevant connection.

  8. Maximum screenshots
    You should upload the maximum screenshots (at least 5) of your WatchKit app and the iPhone app. Always remember that Apple is highly quality conscious, so keep the resolution of the WatchKit app to at least 312x390 pixels. Apple wants, that you should utilize the entire space available for screenshots. But do keep in mind that you have to keep both category screenshots separately.

  9. App preview
    The app preview should have a video of your iPhone app and it should also be confined to your app. It would be wrong to show a WatchKitt app in the preview.

  10. Sharing keywords
    The keywords that you exchange between your iPhone app and the WatchKit app should not exceed more than 100 characters. You must make the most out of what is available to you. So try avoiding common words such as watch, app, Apple watch etc.

  11. The final app
    These are important instructions before you actually submit your app. Your app should comply with all the app review guidelines, including the build number and the version. They should be consistent all the way through.

Weapons to Find New SEO Leads

Finding new clients for your business today is no longer, just a walk in the park. It can be time consuming with poor results at times. The bottom line is that every business needs clients or buyers to breakeven and make sure that it sustains itself. Changing customer demands and switching loyalties, keeps the marketing and sales executives on their heels to find new clients every day. In these crucial times businesses even don’t mind venturing into unknown territories to fulfil their means. Acquiring new SEO leads online has become the name of the game. Searching Google for business leads more often than not yields inaccurate results.

A lot of underground, if I dare may use the word have mushroomed up, ready to provide SEO leads at a price with email ID’s and contact details of perspective clients. Although a handful of legitimate ones also exist. It would not be wrong to say that such lead providers now form a complete industry. But a serious question mark raised in the context of such leads is that; can they be trusted? After spending a fortune to acquire them, will you get any new clients? After all you cannot be sure that the list you are buying has not been sold to your competitor.
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So let us open up our arsenal of Arms and ammunition and short list the weapons apt to find new and reliable SEO leads and help our desperate client seeker friends.

  1. Google alerts: Tie a worm on your fishing rod hook and drop it right in to the water, then wait for a fish to bite in to it. This is how Google alert works. Create a Google alert using keywords related to your business or needs and wait for a client who is desperately looking for what you are offering. Problem solved. Mission accomplished. To give an example, you are offering web hosting services and create a Google alert saying "cheap web hosting"; you shall be alerted when a discussion on the topic crops up.
  2. Yellow pages: The old man still lives on. Unbelievable but true. I consider it as a faint reminder of an era gone by when it was the place to look for any business need. Although it may be much behind in popularity in comparison to Google now, but many old timers consider it reliable and as sacred as the bible. Advertisements are a common sight on yellow pages. Try hunting for an ad which matches with your requirement and establish contact directly.
  3. Google AdWords: A very powerful weapon indeed, when it comes to SEO lead generation. This is one weapon which comes with spare bullets as well. It is especially helpful in targeting local businesses as it can target your ads to customers according to geographical areas. Moreover, you have to pay Google only if a customer clicks to visit your site of calls for an enquiry. All you have to do is to create your ad and specify the search terms and leave the rest to Google. Whenever a customer will key in those words, you ad will get listed. Customer support is another added benefit.
  4. LeadJoint: LeadJoint is a website, although not the only one which enables SEO lead generation. If reviews and testimonials are to be believed, it has a good conversion rate. The USP of LeadJoint is that it highlights and focuses on those sites as well which have a low ranking on Google. Which means that it will provide more unique leads if compared to Google. Although LeadJoint is a paid service, it offers first 100 leads free of cost.
  5. Craigslist:The last weapon from our arsenal, which is ignored by many when it comes to SEO leads. Craigslist is basically a classified advertisement website. These classified ads are divided into categories and sub categories. It also features area specific and localized ads. The downside of advertising on such sites that has always remained is the difference between the number of advertisers who are looking for and the ones who are offering services. The gap is far too much to fill.
After arming yourself with these powerful weapons you should not have any trouble in hunting down your clients. There are a whole lot of clients waiting for you. All you have to do is to keep the faith and keep hunting.

5 Best Tools to Optimize Your CSS Codes

When finally your website is growing you have to work more in order to make your clients happy with your services. So with the increase in your business there will be an increase in the coding of your website’s code. You need to increase your CSS code as well. This will however complicate the things and at the end you will get messed up with plenty of bugs.
If all this is also happening to you then the time has come to audit your CSS coding. By auditing your CSS you will get to know about the portions of your CSS which is not well optimized. You can also lower the file size of the style sheet by removing the lines of your codes that will slow down your website’s performance.
  1. CSS Lint: CSS Lint is a device that breaks down the CSS sentence structure focused around particular parameters that address for execution, availability, and similarity of your CSS. You would be astonished with the results, even can look for a number of warnings in your CSS. However, these mistakes will in the end help you settle the CSS syntax, and make it more effective. Moreover, you will become a superior CSS coder.
  2. Type-O-Matic: Type-o-matic is a Firebug plugin to check for the text styles that are being utilized as a part of a site. This plugin provides a visual report in the form of a table, bearing text style properties, for example, the textual style family, weight, the size, shade, furthermore the quantity of times the text style is utilized as a part of the website page. With the help of the report table, you can streamline the text style use very easily, delete the things that are unnecessary, or join styles that are far too comparable.
  3. CSS Dig: CSS Dig is a Python script and it works generally on your machine. CSS Dig will run an exhaustive checking in your CSS sheet. It will study and join properties e.g. all foundation shade assertions will go under the background area. This way you can very easily settle on choices focused around the report when attempting to regulate your CSS syntax e.g. you may discover color crosswise over styles with the accompanying color assertion. These color statements do same things. You should run with the #ccc or you can also use capital #ccc as the standard. CSS Dig can uncover this repetition for different CSS properties as well, and you will have the capacity to make your code be more reliable.
  4. CSS Colorguard: CSS Colorguard is a comparatively a new thing. It's constructed as a Node module and it will run over all the platforms equally: Windows, Linux, and OS X. CSS Colorguard is a charge line apparatus that will advise you if you are using comparative colors as a part of your template; e.g. #f3f3f3 is really near to #f4f4f4, so you may need to consider blending the two. CSS Colorguard is configurable; you can set the similarity limit and also set the colors you need the tool to avoid. 
  5. Dust-Me: Dust-Me is an extra for Opera and Firefox that will show you the unused selectors in your template. It will snatch all the templates and selectors that are found in your site and find which selectors are you really utilizing as a part of the page. This will be indicated in a report, you can then press the clean catch and it will clean up those vacant selectors and spare it to another CSS record.
Well these 5 special tools will help you in optimizing your website and making your websites run more smoothly.

10 Superb Landing Pages for Your Mobile Applications

It is good if you are working day and night on your mobile application to make it a great success in the market but there is something more than that you need for your application to work properly and that is a successful landing page. When we talk about landing pages it can range from one screen pages to full fledge website but because everything is designed and made with a purpose, I will give you 3 things that a landing page have to do for your mobile application.

What Apple Has To Guide To its iOS Mobile Application Developers?

IOS application developers are always with their breaths holding because of the new guidelines that Apple release each day. This mechanism given by Apple is actually superb but iOS developers are unable to find any logical clue behind all this.

10 Spices for a Delicious Android Recipe

When you are planning to design a wonderful android application it is obvious that you cannot just start it like this only. You have to think a lot about the concept, about its designing and what your app will provide and lots of other things are there. So how are you going to start? Do you already have a plan or you are looking for a plan? Well if you do not have decided yet what all you are going to do then here are 10 special ingredients that will flavor your Android app like a perfect dish.  

Android app designing

So here are those special 10 spices that will add up to your Android app and will let you design a perfect mobile app: 

 1. A great idea When you are designing an application it is very important to have a great idea about what your app would work like? What all is the purpose of this application and why people should buy your app? What different quality are you offering to them that will make them fall for your application? 
 2. Program code Your program code needs to be robust i.e. strong and effective. When you are done with your intelligent and unique idea the next thing you need to work upon is your coding region. Keep this in mind that you are not giving the coding part to an inexperienced person. Because a person who is not experienced won’t code good and all your idea will go into vein. 

 3. Free version of your application When your coding is done the one thing that plays a very important role in marketing your application is introducing its free version. If you release a free version instead of a premium one half of your application is successful. Sometimes you need to think about popularity but not the money.

 4. An Ad-Free version Adding an Ad-free version for your application for which you can add a downloading fee. When people will find it how perfect your application is after using the free version which is supported by ad, then the chances are that they will definitely invest some amount of money in a premium add free version.  

5. Consistency When you create applications, make sure that your applications are not suffering from any common constituency issues that are plaguing a number of mobile apps today. In general you should develop application keeping in mind a list of devices that they are not supported by the customers and ensure your customers that there will be no crashes within your application.

 6. Specific Utility Rather than creating an application that is solving 10 problems you should design an application that can perform only a single function but perfectly. Focusing on specificity is more important than focusing on number of things.  

7. Design and Interface The next most important thing that you need to focus on is the design of the website and its interface. Even if your application is already of a superior quality and functionality chances are that it might lose because of its shady looks. So it is better that you make your application look good because the interface of your application plays a significant role in the success of your application.  

8. Usability Next thing that matters a lot is the usability of your application. It should be helpful to your users and should provide them with the solution they are actually looking for. There is no point of giving good graphics and interface if your application fails to give the exact solution. 

 9. Selecting the Platform We know there are a number of platforms available in the market. So whether you choose a native application development platform or you have chosen a modern platform like HTML5 make sure that your application has cross platform compatibility to make it useful on other platforms as well. 

 10. Marketing your application This is something you need to hire professional service persons that are highly skilled in marketing your apps online. Having a catchy name, attracting graphics and a classy icon will help you in your marketing strategy. Above it you can always use a crispy tagline for attracting your potential audience. So these are some useful ingredients that will definitely help you in designing a wonderful android application. Keeping all this in mind will guide you in framing an application that is useful for your users.

Facebook Mobile Ads Can Help You in Broadening Your eCommerce Reach

Mobile and Facebook are the two things that are working as a reason to lie for the people now. Believe it or not but this is true. It has been estimated that around 680 million people are using Facebook through their mobile phones. Well I must say that this is a huge number. No wonder that Facebook mobile is witnessing a huge growth in today’s market and almost every retailer is taking advantage of this Facebook Mobile across the world. There is no reason in not using Facebook to get innumerable audiences to reach them.

But the question to be asked is how much these business persons are serious about this mobile eCommerce opportunity on Facebook? Well if you research and analyze you will find that everybody is embracing this opportunity as a crucial one for engaging their potential audiences. This Facebook advertisement is hitting a new height. Almost 20% of the Facebook advertising revenue gets generated through mobile phones. So, why these retailers should not use this Facebook advertising to fetch their potential customers? This Facebook mobile advertising will allow the retailers to engage their audiences in obtaining tangible results.

What should a business person expect from this Facebook Mobile Advertising?
Well not only one or two there are many benefits that you will get after using Facebook Mobile Advertising:

  • You can search for your potential customers including your fans
  • You can promote your products more efficiently and in a personalized way
  • It will drive quality traffic to your online store
  • You can experience the mobile click-through rates that are comparatively higher as compared to that of the desktops
  • You can create a database of your customers for your future marketing initiatives and responses 

Knowing these benefits you will definitely look forward for making this Facebook Mobile advertising a part of your eCommerce venture. But at this point you must not be aware of how to proceed further. So if you want to master this trick,  

In this article we will discuss some of the best tricks that you can move on with. Have a look at those useful points: 

Find the audience that look like the best customers of yours
Make a list of your customers and analyze what they have in common so that you could share your ads with them. This is considered as an effective way for getting profitable customers. As your Facebook will provide some comprehensive pictures that will help you in determining your ads and who ignore them. This insight into the customer profile will help the marketers in exploring their ads to a specific group of the audiences.
It is always best to target the broad set of keywords like shopping cart solution, fashion or retail goods. However, it is wise to run for the non targeted ads and to capture the attention of maximum people.

Make friendly relationship with your customers
When you are looking for some new customers do not forget your existing customers. If you cannot expand your relationship then at least you can maintain them the way they are with the help of Facebook’s custom audience feature. Upload the information about yourself or your company like user ID or email. You can use this information for targeting your existing customers.

The last but not the least always designs your ads that are specific to the Facebook. You should learn how to grab more traffic to your website with the help of these Facebook ads.