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Monday, September 8, 2014

Facebook Mobile Ads Can Help You in Broadening Your eCommerce Reach

Mobile and Facebook are the two things that are working as a reason to lie for the people now. Believe it or not but this is true. It has been estimated that around 680 million people are using Facebook through their mobile phones. Well I must say that this is a huge number. No wonder that Facebook mobile is witnessing a huge growth in today’s market and almost every retailer is taking advantage of this Facebook Mobile across the world. There is no reason in not using Facebook to get innumerable audiences to reach them.

But the question to be asked is how much these business persons are serious about this mobile eCommerce opportunity on Facebook? Well if you research and analyze you will find that everybody is embracing this opportunity as a crucial one for engaging their potential audiences. This Facebook advertisement is hitting a new height. Almost 20% of the Facebook advertising revenue gets generated through mobile phones. So, why these retailers should not use this Facebook advertising to fetch their potential customers? This Facebook mobile advertising will allow the retailers to engage their audiences in obtaining tangible results.

What should a business person expect from this Facebook Mobile Advertising?
Well not only one or two there are many benefits that you will get after using Facebook Mobile Advertising:

  • You can search for your potential customers including your fans
  • You can promote your products more efficiently and in a personalized way
  • It will drive quality traffic to your online store
  • You can experience the mobile click-through rates that are comparatively higher as compared to that of the desktops
  • You can create a database of your customers for your future marketing initiatives and responses 

Knowing these benefits you will definitely look forward for making this Facebook Mobile advertising a part of your eCommerce venture. But at this point you must not be aware of how to proceed further. So if you want to master this trick,  

In this article we will discuss some of the best tricks that you can move on with. Have a look at those useful points: 

Find the audience that look like the best customers of yours
Make a list of your customers and analyze what they have in common so that you could share your ads with them. This is considered as an effective way for getting profitable customers. As your Facebook will provide some comprehensive pictures that will help you in determining your ads and who ignore them. This insight into the customer profile will help the marketers in exploring their ads to a specific group of the audiences.
It is always best to target the broad set of keywords like shopping cart solution, fashion or retail goods. However, it is wise to run for the non targeted ads and to capture the attention of maximum people.

Make friendly relationship with your customers
When you are looking for some new customers do not forget your existing customers. If you cannot expand your relationship then at least you can maintain them the way they are with the help of Facebook’s custom audience feature. Upload the information about yourself or your company like user ID or email. You can use this information for targeting your existing customers.

The last but not the least always designs your ads that are specific to the Facebook. You should learn how to grab more traffic to your website with the help of these Facebook ads.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Three Major Cards for a Successful Web Designing Game

There are a number of factors responsible for a great website design. You cannot blame a single factor for the success of your website or for any failure either. What if your website is filled with high quality content but your website is not designed that it could grab your potential customer? Next possibility is what if your website is beautifully designed but the content is not at all readable? And last but not the least what if the content is good and your website looks just awesome but you are lacking with your marketing skills, then what?

So the point is that you cannot blame a single factor for your success or your failure. When you know how to maintain the stability among all these three factors then you know how to bring business to your organization.

Let us have a look at the three prime most factors that are responsible for the success of your business
1.  The content is considered as the king of the web design family. It has always been said that content is king. High quality, informative and unique content will always support your online business. People are always moved with the useful descriptions that your website will provide them. They always buy the products that are able to define themselves greatly. Flashy backgrounds and attractive images also play a significant role but they are of secondary importance. Your upgraded designs with quality content will provide readers what they are actually looking for.

 2.  Your website design will serve as the queen for your business. You have to be very careful while selecting your queen because a single wrong decision can make your kingdom i.e. your business fall and you won’t be able to do anything. So get your website design in such a way that it is attractive, user friendly, easy to access and should take only few seconds to open up. To rule the kingdom it is very important to have a balance between the king and the queen. No doubt in the fact that content plays a major role but you cannot ignore the design just to get the good quality content. As long as your content and your website are having a beautiful balance you will get an easy ladder to achieve your goals.

 3.  Now the third factor which is known as the Marketing strategies for your business. You can call this factor as a small prince of the king and the queen. Marketing is the third most important factor that is important for establishing your online business for long term success. If you do not market your product how people will come to know about your products and services? You might get some people stumbling upon your website that you have created but you will fail to grab as many people as you wish to.

Follow this write up to check website design quality: How to evaluate the quality of your website design

If you have good website design with Good marketing strategies but the content on your website is bad then you will get the initial rush on your website and will be able to make your website popular initially but your visitors won’t stick to your website for long. When they will feel that that you are not providing them the content that they want they will shift to some other websites. It is obvious that when you are unable to give what your customers want they won’t wait and you will lose.

If you have good content with good marketing strategies but a dull website it won’t help you mush because people generally look for the design, the look and the feel of your website and only then they approach. Content will always remain as the king for your website.

If you have bad content and bad web design then there is no point to have a good online marketing strategy. It won’t help you in any case. Try as hard as you can but with bad content and bad design you can bring a person to your website for once but you cannot make them your regular customers.

So all the three factors discussed are equally important for creating business for achieving success and for becoming the best.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

New SEO Trends: Market your Business in a new way

On an average basis, Google makes almost 500 adjustments with its search engine algorithms every year. After the first panda update that Google has given in February 2011, many of the Google algorithm updates and the other changes have been more determined and are far-reaching in their effect. The net effect is to raise the quality of the content over the thin content. With this it has found various spammy websites and has pushed many digital marketers away from relying on the keyword usage and the performance data.  

These changes are especially designed for improving the quality of the search results that Google has to offer to their clients. For those who perform SEO, the updates have a collective impact and at times it gets confounding and frustrating. With all these changes, the questions that arise in mind are that are we moving towards the new trends of the SEO market? Are we moving towards the improved results?

SEO Trend in the Market

SEO is all about Content Marketing: 

According to an SEO marketing manager, the content marketing trend has overblown. This is what SEO has always been about. It only looks like a growing thing to the people who were using spammy tactics and now Google has made it more difficult for them. With the help of these algorithms we are moving ahead in the SEO and will definitely reach our goals.

SEO and Content Marketing are becoming synonymous:

If you play according to the rules you cannot get one without the other according to the SEO consultant. Traditional SEO will always remain the same. Often people underestimate the work that goes with the keyword research by tagging each page and every website. There is a lot more to SEO than just finding spammy links. 

Search engines will be smarter in 2014:
Search engines are developing intelligence with the development in the algorithms. They provide value from the website that creates the illusion for the value. "If you think that SEO is a series of HTML, link building and keyword tactics that enables your website to rank better in the search engines then yes the SEO strategies are well on their way for the post-SEO era. SEO specialists from the next generation know these techniques very well and will also dominate the search rankings by creating relevant, engaging and detailed content. 

Social presence will be considered more important that the searches.

This trend which was evident in 2013 will be more clear and obvious this year. It is not that the Search engine era is over for now; it is still worthwhile to put your resources into SEO. Having a strong social presence will become more and more reliable in the driving traffic and for building brand awareness. 

Determining what will rank and why? 

The new era of SEO and internet marketing will determine which page is ranking on what basis. This will become even more complicated. But SEO executives have to expect a lot of time and efforts that should be devoted for sorting out what type of sharing and what type of content move the needle for the Google rankings now and what are not.

Monday, June 9, 2014

How Can I Save My Website From Panda?

There would be no single SEO executive who is not aware about the Panda update given by Google a few time back. Many websites got hit by this Panda update very badly and the result is that the top most websites are seen nowhere now. The main reason for this update was penalizing the websites with duplicate content. Google wanted to raise the websites with unique and original content on the search engine ranking results. 
Earlier the website owners were more concerned about gaining online visibility instead of giving quality to their readers. It was becoming a notorious game field where the one who do not follow the terms and conditions will be driven off their ranks. 
Now here we will discuss some useful points that will help you in getting rid of this Panda update and make sure that your website will remain on the top. The only mantra to be successful is to be original. 

Here are some good points:
 1.       Write content that your users would love, not Google

When you are introducing your products and services on your website, try to be original. Do not copy the content from any other website and copy paste it to your own website; write original product descriptions that should be capable of explaining the products well. The information that you are providing to your readers must be true and trustworthy. 
Also you have to update the content on your website on regular basis. If not then your website won’t be able to stick to the top rankings for long. 

2.       Remove the bad quality content on your website

If you have already have experienced the punch on your website by Google Panda and you are searching what all you can do for ranking better again then one thing you can do is improve the content already present on your website. Either write completely fresh content for your website or rewrite the matter already present. Improve its quality and make it informative. Do not forget to be original. To add more you can add these things.
  • Replace low-quality content with good quality content
  • Do not over use your keywords
  • Remove unnecessary pages from Google search
3.       Make your website look tidy and well organized

Architecture of your website is one more important factor that will help you in saving your website from Panda penalty. You have to improve the navigation system of your website. Design your website in such a way that it should be easy to navigate and people shall be able to find easily what they are looking for. Do not use more than 100 link pages. Always validate your website with the tools like HTML validator and CSS validator.

4.       Your website should be faster

No one likes to wait for the website to open. Loading time could be one of the reasons for penalization of your website. So tidy up your websites and make them load faster. Also,
  •   Make your website mobile friendly
  •   Compress the images you have used
  •   Minimize your files
  •   Do not make use of flash
  •  Remove unnecessary plug-in
  •  Make use of caching plug-in
It is important to take care of all the above given points if you want to safeguard your website from the Panda attack. Content is the main thing that Panda is looking for. Change your content, give quality content to the web users and prevent your site from getting penalized.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Transform Your Visitors into Customers with Professional Website Design

Professional Website Design is a must for every business. If you really want to see the success of your business first get a user friendly, SEO optimized and attractive website for your business.

Professional website design can be useful in many ways. According to a new study a professional website design can convert all your visitors into your customers. I can bet that you must be hearing this for the first time. But earlier you have to approach a number of companies for performing their different tasks but now a single Website design company can help you with all your requirements.

So now you do not have to visit thousands of places for making your website work for you, instead now you have to deal with a single company that will look after your website design and will help you in gaining confidence in your visitors. Please have a look at what these professional website design companies offer you when they say that they will convert your visitors into your customers. 

Professional Website Design

What all these skilled Web Design Firms will ask for?

The first thing that they perform is they will investigate the market completely so that they could find the best possible solution for your website at the lowest possible rate. Once they are done with the investigation, they will research for your market. They will understand your market and your clients. They will strive really hard to search the best possible ways for enhancing your conversion rates. These professional website design firms will always look for some new approaches to perform your job.

This will include everything starting from a good action plan; dedicated web designers all covered with professional website designs for enhancing your entire process. 

What all you can expect from a Professional Website Design Firm?

1. Professional Websites are SEO Friendly
Professional websites should always have few things and have to follow several guidelines so that it becomes easy for the users to search these websites easily.

2. Professional Website is a Must for your Online Success
If you think that a professional website design would be expensive and is not necessary for your business then you are living in a great myth. Website is a must for every business to mark an online presence. If you really want to grab every potential customer of yours then having a quality website for your business is a must.

3. You have to afford a Website
It is not necessary that you have to design very expensive and out of the world website. Search for website designing firms and visit an affordable web designing firm so that you could get your website designed within your budget range.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Apple Is Launching iTunes for Android Phones on Demand

There are rumors in the market that Apple is planning to launch iTunes for Android on special demand by the streaming services and this iTunes for Android will beat the Spotify music and beats music. This strategy was discussed with the senior level executives working with Apple to handle the declined download rates in US. ITunes as an Android app will definitely going to cherish Android users as iTunes is considered as one of the best music libraries in the world.

It is not confirmed that if the things are true or not but a report says that Apple is planning to launch iTunes store for android phone users including an on demand music streaming services. It has been reported that Apple has been facing declining music sales and this will serve as the best alternative to face the decline. Billboard too has claimed that Apple has been thinking over this opportunity of launching an on-demand streaming services with the higher level executives. 

Billboard says that Apple had exploratory talks with their senior executives about the plan of launching an iTune store for Android users’ on-demand by the streaming service that would give tough competition to Spotify and Beats Music”.

He also added that Apple is also planning to add iTunes app for Android phones, a rival of the Google that has been growing faster than the most happening smart phone, iPhone. iPhone is believed to have the best operating system in the world i.e. iOS which is highly recommended for iOS application development. The surprising discussions are about the multi prolonged strategy that is framed especially to deal with the huge decline in US download sales at Apple’s iTunes Music store which is known as the largest music retailer. 

By introducing this on-demand streaming services to Android phones will help iTunes to grow more similar and excellent than the apps like Spotify which is already having that already having a huge customer base. If we talk about the current situation a large popularity has been grown on demand music streaming services and this will continue always. The iTunes options for android users will make changes for Apple users. 

Presently the iTunes Store is only available with Microsoft’s Windows platform, Apple iOS. Earlier when someone asked Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple for bringing this new change to Android at that time he replied that there is no advantage of introducing such things into Android. He does not see it profitable. He added that iTunes on Windows was launched to increase the sales of iPods. 

It has been expected that the iTunes on Android will be highly profitable for the Android users but Jobs was not interested in making it available for android users but now the situation has changed and Apple is planning to introduce iTunes for Android users in order to grab Android users. Nothing is confirmed yet but it seems that there are possibilities that soon Android users can also listen to their favorite tracks on iTunes. No stuff is confirmed yet, it seems to have possibility of iTunes app for Android phones.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Blackberry Apps That You Would Love

With the advancement in the world of technology, there is an increased number of mobile apps. But with the increasing number of applications, the probability of getting the best one reduces. With this over flooded market, there come a number of mobile apps that can go well according to your preferences, needs and tastes. Whether you use these apps for professional uses or personal use, these mobile apps perform almost everything for you with just few touches of your fingertips. There is no limit for any app that how longer it will be available and for how long will it be useful but for now it is best to enjoy the apps that are unavailable until it is present.  

Some BlackBerry apps are simple and some are complicated. But here is a list of necessary Blackberry apps that every Black berry user would love:

1.       Angry Birds Star War
You must have played the very famous game of angry birds. It has number of versions. It has also introduced the very famous Angry Birds Star War. If you have not played the very famous angry birds, then consider yourself as if you are living in a jail and you are not aware about the technology from the past four years. This game has taken the mobile game industry to an extreme level. This version of angry bird is a real fun and has grown in popularity ever since it has released.  

2.       Songza
This application is enjoyed by almost every Blackberry user. Songza is a free music application that works on bb10 OS and does not provide you any limit for the amount of songs you listen. And the best part is that the audio advertisements and the pop-up windows won’t interrupt your on-screen experience too. 

3.       BlackBerry Maps
There is huge amount of mapping apps available with Blackberry. So if you are a Blackberry user, why not to save yourself from the fuss of searching for the useless directions by downloading BlackBerry Maps for your mobile device. If you run GPS, it will cost you a high amount but these free apps will work more efficiently. 

4.       The Guardian
If you want all the latest news related to sports, entertainment then do not worry about what and how you have to do. Simply download the Guardian app from Blackberry. Whether it is related to reading a newspaper, listening to the podcasts, watching videos or any other thing, this application will help you to navigate easily through all this simply by navigating the section, topic or the contributor. 

5.       Conqu
This Blackberry application is highly useful for businessmen for improving their productivity of the business. It helps you in managing your inbox and will boost up the productivity of your business. Features including multitude of useful functions like organizing of the tasks, deleting the tasks and all kind of your desktop mobile devices.