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Weapons to Find New SEO Leads

Finding new clients for your business today is no longer, just a walk in the park. It can be time consuming with poor results at times. The bottom line is that every business needs clients or buyers to breakeven and make sure that it sustains itself. Changing customer demands and switching loyalties, keeps the marketing and sales executives on their heels to find new clients every day. In these crucial times businesses even don’t mind venturing into unknown territories to fulfil their means. Acquiring new SEO leads online has become the name of the game. Searching Google for business leads more often than not yields inaccurate results.

A lot of underground, if I dare may use the word have mushroomed up, ready to provide SEO leads at a price with email ID’s and contact details of perspective clients. Although a handful of legitimate ones also exist. It would not be wrong to say that such lead providers now form a complete industry. But a serious question mark raised in the context of such leads is that; can they be trusted? After spending a fortune to acquire them, will you get any new clients? After all you cannot be sure that the list you are buying has not been sold to your competitor.
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So let us open up our arsenal of Arms and ammunition and short list the weapons apt to find new and reliable SEO leads and help our desperate client seeker friends.

  1. Google alerts: Tie a worm on your fishing rod hook and drop it right in to the water, then wait for a fish to bite in to it. This is how Google alert works. Create a Google alert using keywords related to your business or needs and wait for a client who is desperately looking for what you are offering. Problem solved. Mission accomplished. To give an example, you are offering web hosting services and create a Google alert saying "cheap web hosting"; you shall be alerted when a discussion on the topic crops up.
  2. Yellow pages: The old man still lives on. Unbelievable but true. I consider it as a faint reminder of an era gone by when it was the place to look for any business need. Although it may be much behind in popularity in comparison to Google now, but many old timers consider it reliable and as sacred as the bible. Advertisements are a common sight on yellow pages. Try hunting for an ad which matches with your requirement and establish contact directly.
  3. Google AdWords: A very powerful weapon indeed, when it comes to SEO lead generation. This is one weapon which comes with spare bullets as well. It is especially helpful in targeting local businesses as it can target your ads to customers according to geographical areas. Moreover, you have to pay Google only if a customer clicks to visit your site of calls for an enquiry. All you have to do is to create your ad and specify the search terms and leave the rest to Google. Whenever a customer will key in those words, you ad will get listed. Customer support is another added benefit.
  4. LeadJoint: LeadJoint is a website, although not the only one which enables SEO lead generation. If reviews and testimonials are to be believed, it has a good conversion rate. The USP of LeadJoint is that it highlights and focuses on those sites as well which have a low ranking on Google. Which means that it will provide more unique leads if compared to Google. Although LeadJoint is a paid service, it offers first 100 leads free of cost.
  5. Craigslist:The last weapon from our arsenal, which is ignored by many when it comes to SEO leads. Craigslist is basically a classified advertisement website. These classified ads are divided into categories and sub categories. It also features area specific and localized ads. The downside of advertising on such sites that has always remained is the difference between the number of advertisers who are looking for and the ones who are offering services. The gap is far too much to fill.
After arming yourself with these powerful weapons you should not have any trouble in hunting down your clients. There are a whole lot of clients waiting for you. All you have to do is to keep the faith and keep hunting.