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Blackberry Apps That You Would Love

With the advancement in the world of technology, there is an increased number of mobile apps. But with the increasing number of applications, the probability of getting the best one reduces. With this over flooded market, there come a number of mobile apps that can go well according to your preferences, needs and tastes. Whether you use these apps for professional uses or personal use, these mobile apps perform almost everything for you with just few touches of your fingertips. There is no limit for any app that how longer it will be available and for how long will it be useful but for now it is best to enjoy the apps that are unavailable until it is present.  

Some BlackBerry apps are simple and some are complicated. But here is a list of necessary Blackberry apps that every Black berry user would love:

1.       Angry Birds Star War
You must have played the very famous game of angry birds. It has number of versions. It has also introduced the very famous Angry Birds Star War. If you have not played the very famous angry birds, then consider yourself as if you are living in a jail and you are not aware about the technology from the past four years. This game has taken the mobile game industry to an extreme level. This version of angry bird is a real fun and has grown in popularity ever since it has released.  

2.       Songza
This application is enjoyed by almost every Blackberry user. Songza is a free music application that works on bb10 OS and does not provide you any limit for the amount of songs you listen. And the best part is that the audio advertisements and the pop-up windows won’t interrupt your on-screen experience too. 

3.       BlackBerry Maps
There is huge amount of mapping apps available with Blackberry. So if you are a Blackberry user, why not to save yourself from the fuss of searching for the useless directions by downloading BlackBerry Maps for your mobile device. If you run GPS, it will cost you a high amount but these free apps will work more efficiently. 

4.       The Guardian
If you want all the latest news related to sports, entertainment then do not worry about what and how you have to do. Simply download the Guardian app from Blackberry. Whether it is related to reading a newspaper, listening to the podcasts, watching videos or any other thing, this application will help you to navigate easily through all this simply by navigating the section, topic or the contributor. 

5.       Conqu
This Blackberry application is highly useful for businessmen for improving their productivity of the business. It helps you in managing your inbox and will boost up the productivity of your business. Features including multitude of useful functions like organizing of the tasks, deleting the tasks and all kind of your desktop mobile devices.