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Apple Is Launching iTunes for Android Phones on Demand

There are rumors in the market that Apple is planning to launch iTunes for Android on special demand by the streaming services and this iTunes for Android will beat the Spotify music and beats music. This strategy was discussed with the senior level executives working with Apple to handle the declined download rates in US. ITunes as an Android app will definitely going to cherish Android users as iTunes is considered as one of the best music libraries in the world.

It is not confirmed that if the things are true or not but a report says that Apple is planning to launch iTunes store for android phone users including an on demand music streaming services. It has been reported that Apple has been facing declining music sales and this will serve as the best alternative to face the decline. Billboard too has claimed that Apple has been thinking over this opportunity of launching an on-demand streaming services with the higher level executives. 

Billboard says that Apple had exploratory talks with their senior executives about the plan of launching an iTune store for Android users’ on-demand by the streaming service that would give tough competition to Spotify and Beats Music”.

He also added that Apple is also planning to add iTunes app for Android phones, a rival of the Google that has been growing faster than the most happening smart phone, iPhone. iPhone is believed to have the best operating system in the world i.e. iOS which is highly recommended for iOS application development. The surprising discussions are about the multi prolonged strategy that is framed especially to deal with the huge decline in US download sales at Apple’s iTunes Music store which is known as the largest music retailer. 

By introducing this on-demand streaming services to Android phones will help iTunes to grow more similar and excellent than the apps like Spotify which is already having that already having a huge customer base. If we talk about the current situation a large popularity has been grown on demand music streaming services and this will continue always. The iTunes options for android users will make changes for Apple users. 

Presently the iTunes Store is only available with Microsoft’s Windows platform, Apple iOS. Earlier when someone asked Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple for bringing this new change to Android at that time he replied that there is no advantage of introducing such things into Android. He does not see it profitable. He added that iTunes on Windows was launched to increase the sales of iPods. 

It has been expected that the iTunes on Android will be highly profitable for the Android users but Jobs was not interested in making it available for android users but now the situation has changed and Apple is planning to introduce iTunes for Android users in order to grab Android users. Nothing is confirmed yet but it seems that there are possibilities that soon Android users can also listen to their favorite tracks on iTunes. No stuff is confirmed yet, it seems to have possibility of iTunes app for Android phones.