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How Can I Save My Website From Panda?

There would be no single SEO executive who is not aware about the Panda update given by Google a few time back. Many websites got hit by this Panda update very badly and the result is that the top most websites are seen nowhere now. The main reason for this update was penalizing the websites with duplicate content. Google wanted to raise the websites with unique and original content on the search engine ranking results. 
Earlier the website owners were more concerned about gaining online visibility instead of giving quality to their readers. It was becoming a notorious game field where the one who do not follow the terms and conditions will be driven off their ranks. 
Now here we will discuss some useful points that will help you in getting rid of this Panda update and make sure that your website will remain on the top. The only mantra to be successful is to be original. 

Here are some good points:
 1.       Write content that your users would love, not Google

When you are introducing your products and services on your website, try to be original. Do not copy the content from any other website and copy paste it to your own website; write original product descriptions that should be capable of explaining the products well. The information that you are providing to your readers must be true and trustworthy. 
Also you have to update the content on your website on regular basis. If not then your website won’t be able to stick to the top rankings for long. 

2.       Remove the bad quality content on your website

If you have already have experienced the punch on your website by Google Panda and you are searching what all you can do for ranking better again then one thing you can do is improve the content already present on your website. Either write completely fresh content for your website or rewrite the matter already present. Improve its quality and make it informative. Do not forget to be original. To add more you can add these things.
  • Replace low-quality content with good quality content
  • Do not over use your keywords
  • Remove unnecessary pages from Google search
3.       Make your website look tidy and well organized

Architecture of your website is one more important factor that will help you in saving your website from Panda penalty. You have to improve the navigation system of your website. Design your website in such a way that it should be easy to navigate and people shall be able to find easily what they are looking for. Do not use more than 100 link pages. Always validate your website with the tools like HTML validator and CSS validator.

4.       Your website should be faster

No one likes to wait for the website to open. Loading time could be one of the reasons for penalization of your website. So tidy up your websites and make them load faster. Also,
  •   Make your website mobile friendly
  •   Compress the images you have used
  •   Minimize your files
  •   Do not make use of flash
  •  Remove unnecessary plug-in
  •  Make use of caching plug-in
It is important to take care of all the above given points if you want to safeguard your website from the Panda attack. Content is the main thing that Panda is looking for. Change your content, give quality content to the web users and prevent your site from getting penalized.