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New SEO Trends: Market your Business in a new way

On an average basis, Google makes almost 500 adjustments with its search engine algorithms every year. After the first panda update that Google has given in February 2011, many of the Google algorithm updates and the other changes have been more determined and are far-reaching in their effect. The net effect is to raise the quality of the content over the thin content. With this it has found various spammy websites and has pushed many digital marketers away from relying on the keyword usage and the performance data.  

These changes are especially designed for improving the quality of the search results that Google has to offer to their clients. For those who perform SEO, the updates have a collective impact and at times it gets confounding and frustrating. With all these changes, the questions that arise in mind are that are we moving towards the new trends of the SEO market? Are we moving towards the improved results?

SEO Trend in the Market

SEO is all about Content Marketing: 

According to an SEO marketing manager, the content marketing trend has overblown. This is what SEO has always been about. It only looks like a growing thing to the people who were using spammy tactics and now Google has made it more difficult for them. With the help of these algorithms we are moving ahead in the SEO and will definitely reach our goals.

SEO and Content Marketing are becoming synonymous:

If you play according to the rules you cannot get one without the other according to the SEO consultant. Traditional SEO will always remain the same. Often people underestimate the work that goes with the keyword research by tagging each page and every website. There is a lot more to SEO than just finding spammy links. 

Search engines will be smarter in 2014:
Search engines are developing intelligence with the development in the algorithms. They provide value from the website that creates the illusion for the value. "If you think that SEO is a series of HTML, link building and keyword tactics that enables your website to rank better in the search engines then yes the SEO strategies are well on their way for the post-SEO era. SEO specialists from the next generation know these techniques very well and will also dominate the search rankings by creating relevant, engaging and detailed content. 

Social presence will be considered more important that the searches.

This trend which was evident in 2013 will be more clear and obvious this year. It is not that the Search engine era is over for now; it is still worthwhile to put your resources into SEO. Having a strong social presence will become more and more reliable in the driving traffic and for building brand awareness. 

Determining what will rank and why? 

The new era of SEO and internet marketing will determine which page is ranking on what basis. This will become even more complicated. But SEO executives have to expect a lot of time and efforts that should be devoted for sorting out what type of sharing and what type of content move the needle for the Google rankings now and what are not.