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Facebook Mobile Ads Can Help You in Broadening Your eCommerce Reach

Mobile and Facebook are the two things that are working as a reason to lie for the people now. Believe it or not but this is true. It has been estimated that around 680 million people are using Facebook through their mobile phones. Well I must say that this is a huge number. No wonder that Facebook mobile is witnessing a huge growth in today’s market and almost every retailer is taking advantage of this Facebook Mobile across the world. There is no reason in not using Facebook to get innumerable audiences to reach them.

But the question to be asked is how much these business persons are serious about this mobile eCommerce opportunity on Facebook? Well if you research and analyze you will find that everybody is embracing this opportunity as a crucial one for engaging their potential audiences. This Facebook advertisement is hitting a new height. Almost 20% of the Facebook advertising revenue gets generated through mobile phones. So, why these retailers should not use this Facebook advertising to fetch their potential customers? This Facebook mobile advertising will allow the retailers to engage their audiences in obtaining tangible results.

What should a business person expect from this Facebook Mobile Advertising?
Well not only one or two there are many benefits that you will get after using Facebook Mobile Advertising:

  • You can search for your potential customers including your fans
  • You can promote your products more efficiently and in a personalized way
  • It will drive quality traffic to your online store
  • You can experience the mobile click-through rates that are comparatively higher as compared to that of the desktops
  • You can create a database of your customers for your future marketing initiatives and responses 

Knowing these benefits you will definitely look forward for making this Facebook Mobile advertising a part of your eCommerce venture. But at this point you must not be aware of how to proceed further. So if you want to master this trick,  

In this article we will discuss some of the best tricks that you can move on with. Have a look at those useful points: 

Find the audience that look like the best customers of yours
Make a list of your customers and analyze what they have in common so that you could share your ads with them. This is considered as an effective way for getting profitable customers. As your Facebook will provide some comprehensive pictures that will help you in determining your ads and who ignore them. This insight into the customer profile will help the marketers in exploring their ads to a specific group of the audiences.
It is always best to target the broad set of keywords like shopping cart solution, fashion or retail goods. However, it is wise to run for the non targeted ads and to capture the attention of maximum people.

Make friendly relationship with your customers
When you are looking for some new customers do not forget your existing customers. If you cannot expand your relationship then at least you can maintain them the way they are with the help of Facebook’s custom audience feature. Upload the information about yourself or your company like user ID or email. You can use this information for targeting your existing customers.

The last but not the least always designs your ads that are specific to the Facebook. You should learn how to grab more traffic to your website with the help of these Facebook ads.