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10 Spices for a Delicious Android Recipe

When you are planning to design a wonderful android application it is obvious that you cannot just start it like this only. You have to think a lot about the concept, about its designing and what your app will provide and lots of other things are there. So how are you going to start? Do you already have a plan or you are looking for a plan? Well if you do not have decided yet what all you are going to do then here are 10 special ingredients that will flavor your Android app like a perfect dish.  

Android app designing

So here are those special 10 spices that will add up to your Android app and will let you design a perfect mobile app: 

 1. A great idea When you are designing an application it is very important to have a great idea about what your app would work like? What all is the purpose of this application and why people should buy your app? What different quality are you offering to them that will make them fall for your application? 
 2. Program code Your program code needs to be robust i.e. strong and effective. When you are done with your intelligent and unique idea the next thing you need to work upon is your coding region. Keep this in mind that you are not giving the coding part to an inexperienced person. Because a person who is not experienced won’t code good and all your idea will go into vein. 

 3. Free version of your application When your coding is done the one thing that plays a very important role in marketing your application is introducing its free version. If you release a free version instead of a premium one half of your application is successful. Sometimes you need to think about popularity but not the money.

 4. An Ad-Free version Adding an Ad-free version for your application for which you can add a downloading fee. When people will find it how perfect your application is after using the free version which is supported by ad, then the chances are that they will definitely invest some amount of money in a premium add free version.  

5. Consistency When you create applications, make sure that your applications are not suffering from any common constituency issues that are plaguing a number of mobile apps today. In general you should develop application keeping in mind a list of devices that they are not supported by the customers and ensure your customers that there will be no crashes within your application.

 6. Specific Utility Rather than creating an application that is solving 10 problems you should design an application that can perform only a single function but perfectly. Focusing on specificity is more important than focusing on number of things.  

7. Design and Interface The next most important thing that you need to focus on is the design of the website and its interface. Even if your application is already of a superior quality and functionality chances are that it might lose because of its shady looks. So it is better that you make your application look good because the interface of your application plays a significant role in the success of your application.  

8. Usability Next thing that matters a lot is the usability of your application. It should be helpful to your users and should provide them with the solution they are actually looking for. There is no point of giving good graphics and interface if your application fails to give the exact solution. 

 9. Selecting the Platform We know there are a number of platforms available in the market. So whether you choose a native application development platform or you have chosen a modern platform like HTML5 make sure that your application has cross platform compatibility to make it useful on other platforms as well. 

 10. Marketing your application This is something you need to hire professional service persons that are highly skilled in marketing your apps online. Having a catchy name, attracting graphics and a classy icon will help you in your marketing strategy. Above it you can always use a crispy tagline for attracting your potential audience. So these are some useful ingredients that will definitely help you in designing a wonderful android application. Keeping all this in mind will guide you in framing an application that is useful for your users.