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10 Superb Landing Pages for Your Mobile Applications

It is good if you are working day and night on your mobile application to make it a great success in the market but there is something more than that you need for your application to work properly and that is a successful landing page. When we talk about landing pages it can range from one screen pages to full fledge website but because everything is designed and made with a purpose, I will give you 3 things that a landing page have to do for your mobile application.

Have a look at the examples given below

  •   It should make users understand the actual solution that the application is offering
  •   It should show users how the application will work before installing it on the smart phones
  •  It should be able to build trust that is something worthy of trying

  Let’s have a look at the best examples of landing pages that are perfect for your applications 

  1. Spendee: Spendee accompanies the guarantee that it will give you a chance to effortlessly track your costs and on the landing page visitors can decide to watch a video to see more, download the application or scroll down to learn. I truly adored the way they've joined the scrolling on the site with animations inside the application.
  2. Memoir: Memoir people strongly state that they are the best answer for collecting, relieving and offering memories. I like how they are building trust right on the first screen by utilizing logos and connections to Techcrunch, Fastcompany and other enormous names who expounded on their products. As you scroll down you get to see a sight of what the application can do.
  3. Obsurfation: If you want to check out conditions at local beaches, you need to download Obsurfation. The best part is the clean layout of the home page and how this application allows users for checking the place. The interface of this application is displayed very nicely that you will find out as you hover over each and every feature.
  4. iTrackMyTime: This is an application which is designed very well and the landing page puts a great emphasis exactly on all this. From the very beginning you can see the slideshow and can enjoy its taste.
  5. iCalendar: iCalendar, as its name says, is an iOS calendar available on steroids. The landing page of this application is very colorful and will show all the advantages over your normal iOS calendar applications. As you will scroll down, the menu will stay on the top and will encourage your visitors to download the application.
  6. Carousel: Dropbox is mainly used for keeping things very simple on the landing page offered by Carousel. With this the app will automatically backs up the videos and photographs to the Dropbox as you will take them. Your users will get encouraged about getting this application and you will learn more about getting the video.
  7. Trippeo:Trippeo utilizes a feature that runs as a part of the foundation to provide for you a taste of how the application will act when it is all said and done. As you scroll down you will get to discover all the things about how the application will function and you get to see the characteristics of some of their customers, which raises trust and makes an association.
  8. Accorns: This application is very much similar to Trippeo. Accorns will run a video on the background and will provide you a very visible CTA for downloading this application. As a secondary CTA they will ask non-iPhone users to first signup up for their Android and Web apps
  9.  Paper: Facebook will highlight the method how this app paper will work with the help of a slideshow, where every slide will show a specific functionality using a video. All these will obviously put some emphasis on your user’s and their experience working with Paper’s case. 
  10. Wanderworld: If you think that you are really very creative you can turn your landing page into a well narrated and elaborated story including nice graphics, like in case of a As you will scroll down you will get to travel a lot and will be able to experience your application in an engaging way.

These are some amazing examples of landing pages that will help your application to get maximum number of users and ultimately gaining more profits. Enjoy these applications as your best landing pages.