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What Apple Has To Guide To its iOS Mobile Application Developers?

IOS application developers are always with their breaths holding because of the new guidelines that Apple release each day. This mechanism given by Apple is actually superb but iOS developers are unable to find any logical clue behind all this.

Recently, Apple broke its silence and came up with some logical reasons for giving such tough guidelines for developing their iOS apps. They say that whatever they do affect the next iOS application projects, their development, designing and lots more.
 Let us have a look at the reasons what Apple has given to its developers: 

Not having the essential information, Apple rejects your application if: 

  • You are not providing it with even a single required detail in the Application review section like contact information or any other. 
  • If your application asks for a demo account, it is must for you to create a one and provide your account with a valid username along with the password.
  • If your application needs to be set on some special configurations, you have to include those specifications.
  • In case it is difficult for a user to replicate your application, you have to provide a demo video explaining each and everything. He same will go if app is asking for any specific hardware. You have to provide the upfront.
  • You have to provide a very neat and clean app description along with the screenshot and the images that you want to place in the iTunes store. With the description you have only a single chance to perform an effective marketing for your apps. So better be careful and utilize the things carefully.
  • Never provide any false information as cross checking will lead to the rejection of your application. 
Guidelines for designing your iOS app: 

Apple is completely devoted into its work and they always work to provide excellent services to their clients. They expect the same from their developers. So the guidelines that they have given for designing an iOS app include:  

  •          Neat, Clean, sophisticated, and User-friendly Interfaces
  •      Spontaneous User Experiences
  •      Great In-App Purchase Experience
  •      Best First Impression with Strong On-boarding Design
Also Apple has given some other guidelines as well and wants their developers to follow those rules very strictly while designing their applications. 

  •      Do’s and Don’ts for UI Design
  •      Human Interface Guidelines for iOS
  •      Catalogue UI Kit User Interface
  •      UI Transition Guide for iOS 7
Marketing of your Relevant App: Since marketing of your app is a very big monetary issue and it needs to be followed with various technical standards. They suggest to their iOS developers to use Advertising Identifier (IDFA) to serve their advertisements. Therefore, your apps should have ads running on them in a proper way and accurately. Checking of all this on a real iOS device is a must for a QA person.  

User Experiences: 

Apple knows this very well that people invest a lot on their app development in terms of money, resources and time. Therefore they never want to have any kind of substandard products from your side that will just ruin their position in the market. Also it checks your application for user experiences. This too is followed by some guidelines.
  • Your app needs to have all the security features which have to be relevant to the nature of your app or the theme that it is following.
  • There should not be any broken link that is distracting the user and their experiences. For example if you are designing an application for a kid then it must be given proper linking to its private policy.
  • You need to check your application for any kind of bug or error that can cause potential crash to your application.
  • You also need to check the application for its smooth flow of screens, loading time, rapid interactions, any connectivity issues if your application is web based app.


As mentioned above that Apple always check your app for its user experiences, the same thing goes with the usability of the application. If Apple thinks that your app has a limited scope for their users you won’t be able to get the approval for your app. 

Moreover, your app needs to have a long lasting effect on users by providing them with proper functionality, useful features and the informative content. Similarly, your target audience have to be vast and in a countable number offering for small niches. 

At the end we can say that Apple expects the best user experience for its applications in terms of designing, user experiences, usability, functionality and the programming techniques that are available in the market. So your applications should be created by keeping the best quality standards and should add some significant value to the businesses and the life of the potential audience.